SmaAcc Cooling Fan with Dual Charging Station for PS4 Controllers/DualShock 4 Controllers ( Not Compatible with PS4 Slim/Pro )


  • Keep your PS4 cool and calm with the vertical cooling stand. ( Not Compatible with PS4 Slim/Pro )
  • Keep your PS4 from over-heating and charge your controllers simultanisouly using the built in usb ports
  • With this vertical stand, your ps4 stands vertically, saving you lots of room space while cooling your ps4 at the same time
  • This Veritcal Stand is cool in both ways. Its fan keeps the system cooling at the same time looking cool in itself due to the unique design and charging docks included
  • Save Space, time and charge your two controllers at the same time without having to worry where to keep your accessories. Its simply convienience at its best

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