EJBOTH Mini Data Cables, 4 in 1 Multi-function Micro USB Cable Portable Charger of Key Ring Connector [For Android Support OTG Data Transfer & Charge ] [For iOS ONLY Charge] 90mm.



Technical Specifications:

Brand Name: EJBOTH
Name: USB Data Cable
Material: TPE+Copper wire
Color: White + Green
Cable Length of Both ends: 38mm, 48mm
Max current :2A
Power: 10W
Uses: Android phone charger and data transmission / iphone only charger

Package includes:

1 x USB Data Cable

About brand EJBOTH

1. This EJBOTH brand is dedicated to the sale of mobile phone accessories, electronic products, lamps, pets, furniture, beauty and outdoor products etc.
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  • Multisystem compatible: 4 in 1 Multi-function Micro USB Cable Portable Charger of Key Ring, Length of product: 90mm, Max current: 2A, Power: 10W.
  • Charge simultaneously: Support both iOS and Android system and Android, iOS phone can be charged simultaneously.
  • Android phone to charge iOS phone: When the iOS phone no electricity, you can use the Android phone to charge the iOS phone. (Note: iOS phone can only be charged by the Android phone)
  • Connect the computer: For Android, support to transfer files and charge; For iOS, only support to charge, does not support transfer files.
  • (Only for Android) OTG Transmission: Android OTG function can read u-disk data; OTG Connection: Android OTG functions can be connected to the mouse keyboard and other device, phone can be use as the computer to check the file.

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